Exhausts & DPF

Every now and then your exhaust needs replacing. The harsh weather and salt on the road lead to the exhaust deteriorating and splitting. Unfortunately there’s nothing that you can do to prevent this apart from buying quality exhausts.

This is where Motorepair in Ewloe can help you.

Affordable Exhausts In Ewloe

We offer you affordable options to replace your exhausts, whether you need a partial replacement or an entirely new exhaust system. We know that money is tight and you don’t want to spend hundreds of pounds fixing your car. At Motorepair, we work with manufacturers to offer quality at an affordable price.

While being affordable, all the exhausts and components we supply are of the best quality. Affordable does not mean you should have to keep replacing your items on a regular basis – that just defeats the object of keeping the cost down! All manufacturers and suppliers Motorepair works with offer the best quality to help protect your exhaust and slow down the degrading process.

Diesel particular filter (DPF)

Modern diesel engines require a diesel particular filter to reduce the amount of harmful gasses and particles produced from the engines burn process. In time and in certain circumstances, these can become less efficient and can cause your engine management light to come on or your car may go into ‘limp home’ mode in some cases. This is nothing to be alarmed about because the car is just protecting itself from damage. In the past it has been a costly process to replace blocked filters but there are now processes that can unblock and restore your DPF while still on the car reducing time and costs. Each car is different so if you require us to repair your DPF we will need to diagnose the problem before advising on the options and the costs.

Checking Your Exhaust

We recommend having your exhaust checked on a regular basis, such as once a year or every 10,000 miles or so. This will help to spot any damage early on so it does not cost as much if it needs replacing or repairing.