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Are you looking for Cambelt for your vehicle?

Most drivers must understand that ignoring damage in the cambelt can lead to hefty replacement charges. Therefore, experts recommend getting a car cambelt inspection every 40,000-60,000 miles.

If you are searching for cambelt repairs Deeside, ESS (NORTH WALES) LIMITED can arrive at your immediate help! Here, the mechanics notice every minute defect that may be causing false ignition or oil leakage.

The right time to opt for Cam Belt Replacement

Depending on the brand, vehicle handling, and location where you drive the car, a cam belt lasts for around 4 – 5 years. People use a screwdriver to inspect the rubber quality of a cambelt. If it fails to leave a mark, they consider installing a new one assuming the material has become too stiff.

However, always depending on these visual parameters may not be a good idea. Hence, we suggest you book an appointment for full-fledged engine cam belt repairs by calling 01244 520017 if you witness the following symptoms:

  • Inaccurate RPMs
  • Oil leakage
  • False ignition
  • Rattling noise from the car engine
  • Frequent oil leakage

Cambelt repair cost generally varies between £300 and £650 in the UK, although replacement estimates may add up to £1,000.

Parameters we check to evaluate cambelt health

Here are some tests the professionals arrange for before recommending a cambelt replacement:

  • Cracks on cambelts
  • Belt abrasion
  • Wheel misalignment
  • Aquaplaning performance
  • Elongation of the cambelt

Will it be convenient for you if you get an estimate first? Then we recommend you stop all your searches related to ‘cambelt repairs near me’ today and drop your enquiry at info@motorepair.co.uk.

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