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Are you looking for Winter Wheels for your vehicle?

To ensure the best performance during the biting cold months, you should consider installing winter wheels besides installing the relevant winter tyres. ESS (NORTH WALES) LIMITED is an authorised retailer of premium-quality winter wheels Deeside from reputed brands. Further, we stock alloy as well as steel variants of winter wheels.

Nevertheless, if you are confused about which variant to choose for your vehicle, we have you covered!

In the following section, you can learn about the advantages and disadvantages of alloy and steel winter wheels:

Alloy wheels (Pros)

These units have a lightweight construction. It reduces the pressures on a car’s suspension system and affects the rolling resistance of the tyres significantly. Alloy wheels are available in different designs. They add to a vehicle’s aesthetic appeal.

Alloy wheels (Cons)

As these models have a lightweight construction, they are susceptible to impact damage. Additionally, alloy wheels are expensive and repairing them is equally costly.

Steel wheels (Pros)

The robust construction of steel variants helps them sustain impact damages efficiently. Due to this, steel wheels can be the ideal choice for heavyweight vehicles. The cost of repairing or replacing damaged steel wheels is not as high as that of alloy wheels.

Steel wheels (Cons)

The sturdy construction of steel models puts extra pressure on the suspension system and thus reduces fuel economy. Further, these wheels only have limited designs.

If you are searching for ‘winter wheels near me’, we suggest you come to us and take our assistance.

Our experts will suggest the best winter wheel Deeside after assessing your vehicle specification and driving habits.

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