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Are you looking for Engine Diagnostics for your vehicle?

Are you trying searching a trustworthy automobile workshop that provides affordable vehicle diagnostics Deeside?


We have a group of knowledgeable technicians adept with the use of the latest methods of engine diagnosis. We use avant-garde scanners and specialised software to read the problem codes from the onboard diagnostics (OBD) system. Then we offer thorough repair and replacement suggestions at the most competitive prices.

When should you choose a Car Diagnostic Service?

If you notice any of these warning indicators, you should think about getting a car diagnostics:

  • The dashboard of the car displays the engine light
  • A sharp decline in fuel efficiency
  • Poor vehicle handling
  • Sluggish automobile acceleration

Ignoring these indications can only result in further problems and expensive repair costs in the future.

About our Vehicle Diagnostic Service Deeside

When you come to us and choose our car diagnostics service, our experts will tap into your car's OBD and gather the error codes using cutting-edge software. In addition, we will carefully examine the error codes and suggest the best possible solutions.

The checks covered under our engine diagnostic Deeside are as follows:

  • Engine RPM level check
  • Inspection of electrical components
  • Steering system check
  • Air-con check
  • ABS check
  • Brake inspection

Sounds good?

Then, look no further for ‘vehicle diagnostic services near me’ and come to us.

For further details, please call us on 01244 520017 or email info@motorepair.co.uk.

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