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Are you looking for Clutch Services?

Do you hear a grinding or rattling noise while shifting gears?

It can be a sign of faulty clutch assembly. The clutch plates in your vehicle are connected by springs while you are driving it. When you press the brake, these are separated so that you can choose gears. Changing or shifting gear is a repetitive process that, over time, can make the clutch wear down, and you will need to replace it.

Reasons to choose us

We offer clutch repair Deeside at an affordable rate. Our technicians will carefully inspect the necessary clutch components, such as:

  • Clutch fluid
  • Clutch fork
  • Cables
  • Flywheel
  • Springs
  • Clutch disk
  • Bearings
  • Pressure plate, and others.

Our in-house technicians have years of experience. Hence they are skilled in dealing with clutch-related issues. We will first hear out the problem you are facing and suggest you a customised solution.

That is not all!

We offer clutch replacement Deeside of the damaged components with only OE-grade spare parts.

Indications of a Faulty Clutch Assembly

The primary function of a clutch assembly is to ensure the smooth shifting of gears so that you can speed up or slow down your car as and when necessary. While we perform checks, our mechanics will find the root of any problem you are facing and decide the right course of action.

Here are some indications of a damaged or faulty clutch assembly:

Difficulty while changing or shifting gears

If you find it difficult to change gears smoothly, this can indicate a faulty clutch assembly. It mostly happens when a clutch fails to disengage itself from the flywheel, and you shouldn’t let this problem slide. The more a vehicle faces challenges in shifting gears, the more damage the transmission system will have to incur.

Loss of acceleration or clutch slippage

If you can start the engine by turning the key, but it does not accelerate optimally, the scenario may indicate a slipping clutch. It can be a high risk if you do not fix the slip immediately since it leads to losing vehicle control.

Some other warning signs include:

  • Burning smell in the cabin
  • Clutch pedal juddering, etc.

Sounds good? Then end your search for ‘clutch repair and replacement near me’ and visit our workshop - ESS (NORTH WALES) LIMITED.

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