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Are you looking for Exhaust Services?

Don’t let a faulty exhaust system affect your car’s upcoming MOT inspection! Reach Motorepair ESS (NORTH WALES) LIMITED for a professional exhaust service Deeside. We are a renowned garage offering quality vehicular services at cost-efficient prices.

Our technicians are adept at using advanced techniques to inspect exhaust components and devise the right course of action. Moreover, we replace faulty exhaust components with OE-grade spares for long-lasting service.

When Should You Opt For An Exhaust Check-up?

In ideal cases, the car exhaust system functions optimally for several years. However, you may notice an early malfunction due to some external factors like rough driving, poor maintenance, harsh weather conditions etc.

Check out the most common symptoms of an exhaust system failure:

Compromised Fuel Efficiency

A damaged exhaust system lacks proper filtering efficiency and leads to increased fuel consumption. Thus, a sudden drop in fuel efficiency is an unavoidable sign of a malfunctioning exhaust system.

Low Acceleration

A malfunctioning catalytic converter or a damaged exhaust manifold often drops the acceleration of your vehicle. Do not delay in reaching us for an immediate inspection upon noticing any such issues.

Pungent Odour In The Car Cabin

Leakage in the catalytic converter leads to a harmful gaseous release in your car cabin. It can affect the occupant’s health badly, causing severe breathing issues. Thus, opt for an immediate exhaust replacement Deeside if you come across any such signs.

What Are The Exhaust Components We Inspect?

Any malfunction in its components can affect the exhaust's functioning and hamper your vehicle’s performance level. Thus, we inspect the following exhaust components carefully when you reach us for exhaust repair and replacement Deeside:

  • Catalytic Converter
  • Oxygen Sensor
  • Exhaust Manifold
  • Tailpipe
  • Silencer, etc.

Want to end your “exhaust service near me” searches with us?

Reach our facility at Holywell Road, Ewloe, Deeside, CH5 3BS. You can call us on 01244 520 017 or mail us at info@motorepair.co.uk for further assistance.

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