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Are you looking for Winter Check for your vehicle?

Driving during winter gets difficult owing to foggy views and snow-covered roads. It is imperative that you take the car for a winter check to ensure a safe and smooth driving experience. Bring your vehicle to ESS (NORTH WALES) LIMITED for winter servicing Deeside for that extra care!

What does our Winter Check comprise?

An annual winter check can save you from paying a hefty bill in the long run. It is because, through a routine check-up, the vehicle components stay updated to face the seasons as they come.

While our technicians conduct winter checks Deeside on your car, here are some vital vehicle components they inspect:

Tyre check

First, we will check whether the vehicle has the correct seasonal tyre variant. Snow-covered roads can be attributed to disrupt the driving experience in winter. It is why you need your car tyres to be in the optimum condition, so they can cut through the snow and deliver a smooth driving experience. We check for bulges, cuts, tread depth and other important factors to assess tyre condition.

Coolant/antifreeze check

Coolant or antifreeze is one of the most vital vehicle components. It performs multiple functions and takes care of your car during the summer and winter seasons when these operations are optimally performed, as and when required.

In winter, it ensures the car engine’s radiator and other parts do not freeze in the biting cold temperature. It also offers protection against corrosion, prevents scale from building up, aid in heat transmission, etc.

Apart from these, we will also check and ensure the proper functioning of the following components:

  • Battery check
  • Windscreen wiper check
  • Bulb inspection
  • Engine oil
  • Electrical check, etc.

Hence, if you have been searching for ‘winter checks near me’, we can provide you with the proper care your car needs during winter.

For further assistance or information, you can contact us at 01244 520017 or write to info@motorepair.co.uk.

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