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Tyre size is among the most significant factors on which vehicle performance depends.

Considerable time and research go into deciding the tyre size for a particular model. If you have a tyre of the wrong size, your vehicle becomes susceptible to several on-road accidents.

Avoid such possible complications by meeting the tyre experts at ESS (NORTH WALES) LIMITED. We have experts offering honest tyre suggestions after referring to your car’s manual and listening to your driving needs.

Understanding the tyre size code can be tricky at times. Hence, we have broken down this complex alphanumeric code so you can understand each element.

Let us understand the tyre size code with the help of an example: 185/60 R 14 82 H

185: This number is the width of a tyre in millimetres.

60: This is the aspect ratio or profile height of a tyre expressed as a percentage of its width.

R: R represents the radial construction of a tyre. Other construction types include diagonal cross-ply (D) and bias belt (B).

14: It is the rim diameter in inches.

82: The number 82 represents the load index of this particular tyre. Here it means the tyre can sustain a maximum load of 1047 lbs under fully inflated conditions.

H: This alphabet denotes the speed index of a tyre. The tyre in the example can attain a maximum speed of 130 mph when fully inflated.

Hence, knowing the code will help you choose the right product to buy new car tyres Deeside.

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